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Low carbon steel Welding electrodes

Low carbon Steel welding electrodes,
length: 300-500mm
MOQ :1Tons
Product Description

Welding electrode E6013 is a kind of carbon steel electrode with high Titania type coating. It is widely used on AC and DC in all position, even used for welding low-carbon steel structure and strength grade low-alloy steel, generally for welding steel and ordinary carbon steel pipe.

Welding electrode E6013 is suitable for welding sheet metal structure made of low-carbon steel, such as ships, vehicles, building, and general machinery.

Freely sample offerd,
Good quality assured,
MOQ : 1Ton

E6013 electrodes need to baked for 30-60minutes under 350 0C before use if Moistured.

Deposited metal chemical composition
Deposited metal mechanical properties
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