Mild steel arc welding electrode

Item No.: W E 22
AWS E7018 welding electrode
Type:  2.5 x 300mm, 3.2 x 350mm,4.0X400mm,5.0X400mm
Delivery time : 10days
MOQ 1Ton

Carbon steel welding electrodes

Welding Electrode AWS E7018  is a low carton steel electrode with high titanium-potassium type coating, and suitable for both AC and DC. It is able to provide excellent welding technological performance, because the arc is extremely stable, and spatter loss is negligible. The slag has good fluid, and solidified slag is very easy to remove. The manipulate is free, and restrike is easy. It can give smooth and beautiful ripples

AWS E7018 welding electrode

Type:  2.5 x 300mm, 3.2 x 350mm,4.0X400mm,5.0X400mm

Operating Current: 50--240A

Welding Current: 50--240A

Operating Temperature: normal

Color: black,green

Diameter : 2.5mmx350mm,
Good quality materials assurance
MOQ lTon

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Welding position:

China factory Direct supply carbon steel welding electrode E6013 E7016 E7018

Electric current for reference :

1-E7018 welding electrodes need to be baked before use under 350 oC for  1 hour.
2-The oil,dust,water and rust etc. all impurities must be removed before use on welding parts.
3- Recommend current for reference when welding, if too big current then easy produce porosity.

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