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  • Type: Aws A5.20 E71t-1
  • Material: Flux Cored MIG Welding Wire ,flux core welding wire,flux core wire
  • Diameter: 1.2mm ,1.6mm
  • Description

    Production description:


    E71T-1: use of CO2welding titanium type flux cored wire. Cladding of high efficiency, all position welding techology performance, but also vertical downward welding. Applicable to ship. pressure vessels. machinery and equipment, steel structures such as bridges for low carbon steel and 409 MPa steel welding.


    Welding wire used to weld ship building steel(A,B,D,E,A36,D36,E36)and equivalent mild steel or 550Mpa grade mild alloy steel, such as container building, construction machine, railway construction, pressure vessel for semi-auto or automatic gas shielded welding wire.



    Conform with:

    AWS:E71T-1 GB/T E501T-1

    Package:  15kg/ spool.  1080kgs/ Pallet ; 
    Qty: 26Ton / 1x20GP